Jeff Smith

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Facebook launches new Parent Portal tool to keep children safe


Manchester Withington MP Jeff Smith is supporting a new resource for parents to help keep children safe on Facebook.

Facebook has collaborated with cyber security and child safeguarding experts to design a new information hub for parents to help them ensure their child is using Facebook safely. 

How to prevent online bullying, block explicit or offensive content and safeguard against cyber fraud are all included in the toolkit, alongside educational facilities for children and adolescents themselves.

Jeff said: “The internet can be a fantastic resource for young people, bringing a world of possibilities and information.

However, parents understandably have concerns that their children may be exposed to dangerous content and placed at risk of abuse. 

Resources like Facebook’s Parent Portal are a useful way to reassure parents that their children can enjoy the benefits that the Internet brings while staying safe online.”

You can access the Parent Portal here.

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