Jeff Smith

Standing up for south Manchester

Human Rights Act

I fully support the Human Rights Act. It protects basic rights such as the right to be free from torture, the right to free speech, the right to a fair trial, the right to protest and freedom of association. It also includes responsibilities as well as rights, it maintains Parliamentary sovereignty and remains a crucial check against unaccountable state power. Abolishing the Human Rights Act would severely weaken the rights of British citizens.

Withdrawing from the European Convention on Human Rights, from which the Human Rights Act was drawn, would be a shameful abandonment of Britain's historic respect for the rule of law and weaken our moral authority to demand change from those with weaker human rights records. I can assure you that I will oppose any attempt to damage or dilute our human rights.

I will carefully scrutinise any firm proposals the Government eventually bring forward on this and that I will continue to stand up for Britain's proud record on human rights.

11 June 2015



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commented 2016-09-12 19:14:20 +0100
Perhaps it is time to bring in Common Law Grand Juries to ensure everyone’s rights are protected at all times and common law damages paid by those abusing their positions and rights of others.
commented 2016-04-06 19:19:59 +0100
The law of human rights are essential in a society as troubled as ours. I think pretty cool. Curso Trader Esportivo com o Espaço FH da Fernanda
commented 2015-12-17 17:53:13 +0000
I concur with your views on the Human rights legislation however there have been many highlighted cases where HR has been abused and misued. We need to address this and ensure that any change is clear and unambiguous
I concur with you that we have a proud record on human rights and we must protect them It is a shame that there are those who wish to abuse the system and claim “human rights” for those things spurious
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