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Jeff Smith Slams 2015 Summer Budget


Manchester Withington MP, Jeff Smith, has slammed the 2015 Summer Budget and described it as ‘leaving working people worse off and leaving a crucial big decisions on infrastructure ignored’.

Cuts to tax credits will hit working people on middle and lower incomes. Over three million working families will be worse off as a result of the changes. A family with one earner on average earnings and two children will lose over £2,000 in tax credits next year from the changes announced in George Osborne’s budget. There are currently 5,200 families who claim Child Tax Credits in the Manchester Withington constituency.

The Government has not announced a Living Wage. The new rate when it’s introduced will be lower than the Living Wage this year. Furthermore families on low incomes will see almost half the benefit of a higher National Minimum Wage taken away from them by the Chancellor’s new work penalties in the tax credits system. Despite the higher National Minimum Wage, a couple with two children where both parents work at the National Minimum Wage will be worse off by nearly £700 per year thanks to cuts to tax credits. 

Failure on infrastructure spending. A modern economy needs modern infrastructure; investment is key for building a more productive economy. But the Tories’ record on this area is one of dither and delay. Infrastructure output is lower than it was five years ago. Even worse, since the election the Tories have pulled the plug on the electrification of railways, undermined renewable energy investment, and failed to make a swift decision on airport expansion.

Jeff Smith MP said: “This isn’t the type of Budget that Manchester people need. Talk of a national living wage - which falls well short of an actual living wage - will do very little for the 5,200 families across South Manchester who will be worried about having their tax credits slashed.

 “George Osborne has also ducked big decisions on infrastructure; he claims to be creating a northern powerhouse but has pulled the plug on the electrification of the TransPennine route.”


commented 2015-07-23 16:37:08 +0100
This feels like dissembling to me. I am aware of the difference between the Budget and this Bill but the welfare proposals are pernicious in their attack on large numbers of working families and those not in work and reliant on the benefits being savagely cut. By abstaining we have tacitly signalled our acceptance of the Tory lie that the poor are to blame for the deficit.

Given that your colleagues in other Manchester seats stood by their constituents it is doubly disappointing that given the comments here Withington would rather stand foursquare with other Manchester constituencies than be seen to be ambivalent on the need to defend those who are the least able to bear the Tory induced pain to come.
commented 2015-07-23 14:59:57 +0100
Thank you for your comments on this. On July 14th, Labour MPs voted against the Budget in its entirety.

This was a separate vote to the Welfare Reform and Work Bill, my views on which you can read at
commented 2015-07-22 12:47:42 +0100
i will never vote for you again
commented 2015-07-22 12:47:13 +0100
Angela Hawes has it spot on Jeff. You’ve sacked us all off to brown nose your party big wigs. be ashamed.
commented 2015-07-21 18:25:30 +0100
If you mean all this, why did you abstain from voting? You received my vote in the last elections, after this you won’t get it again, and I will make sure those who do not know about your not voting know so you will lose their votes too. I am ashamed to say I voted for you, I thought you offered an alternative to Tory attacks on the poor and those on benefits, I was obviously wrong!
commented 2015-07-21 10:40:18 +0100
Abstaining isn’t good enough, Jeff. Or was it done with a heavy heart ? just like you no doubt “reluctantly accepted” your 10% wage rise. But hey your on 70k plus a year for the next 5 years – so no worries eh?
commented 2015-07-21 09:26:57 +0100
Perplexed as to how this position is supported by abstaining in the vote. Will the 5,200 families reliant on tax credits be any the less worried this morning after effectively choosing to tacitly sipport the Government?
commented 2015-07-20 21:04:30 +0100
Does this mean you are opposing the budget cuts or abstaining? Thanks in advance
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